stalder_HPMost people want to be able to flash a picture perfect smile whenever the need arises. But as you live your life and subject your teeth to everyday wear and tear, your teeth can end up deteriorating. This can result in either teeth damage or teeth loss.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should not worry. Nearly any teeth damage or teeth loss can be fixed under the artistry and care of Dr. Stalder and Dr. Phan of OKC Smiles through the use of teeth implants.

Ideal Implant Dentisry Candidates

But how exactly do you know if you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants? Well, if you are experiencing tooth loss and tooth damage due to aging, injury, infection or even gum problems, then you should consider getting teeth implants. Teeth implants, in a nutshell, aim to give you the most durable and natural looking set of teeth possible.

When Implant Dentistry is not Needed

We here at OKC Smiles also value the importance of keeping things as natural as possible. As such, we always try to make sure that we are able to save your natural teeth if they can be saved.

For example, if the only broken part of your tooth is the crown, then we will avoid tooth implants. But with massive cases of teeth loss or teeth damage, implant dentistry may be the answer to your problem.

An Investment with Benefitsstalder_CHOOSE

Implant dentistry is an investment, but it is an investment that you should consider if you want to keep or create that picture perfect smile. There are also numerous other benefits such as eating better, speaking better and living a healthier, fuller life. You can even gain back the confidence of having beautiful teeth.

If you’re concerned about losing your pearly whites, we highly recommend setting an appointment with us. Give us a day, and we’re sure to give you something to smile about!