Stalder_cosmeticIt’s a pretty common occurrence for people to seek dental help when they are experiencing missing or damaged teeth. And why shouldn’t they? In this day and age where appearance and health is very important, having beautiful teeth has become a priority. Advances in the realm of dental technology have also made dental implant procedures easy to do and much more affordable. Literally, most anyone can get a dental implant procedure done if they wanted to.

Dental Implant Benefits

Dental tooth implants and implant supported dentures offer a wide variety of benefits. Below are some good benefits cited by dental implant patients:

  • Surprising Comfort – Because of the material used to construct tooth implants, they are extremely comfortable. Clients who avail of the procedure normally forget that they even got dental implants in the first place.
  • Stalder_Girl2Youthful Appearance – Unlike traditional dentures where all the natural roots of your teeth are removed, dental implants focus on the damaged or missing ones only. As a result, the natural structure of the face is preserved.
  • Long-term Solution – The great thing about dental tooth implants and implant supported dentures is that they are extremely sturdy and strong. They can last an entire lifetime, and perhaps even longer.
  • Natural Look – Dr. Stalder and Dr. Phan are so skilled in the art of cosmetic surgery that they are able to make beautiful tooth implants that are hardly discernible from real teeth.
  • Resilient Foundations – It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to replace an individual tooth or each and every single one of your teeth, the dental implants offered by Dr. Stadler and Dr. Phan give your teeth a rock-solid and secure foundation.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a visit with Dr. Phan to experience the benefits of dental implants as soon as possible!