Stalder_TeenAs a child, losing your tooth is a source of celebration and perhaps even a visit from the tooth fairy. As an adult, however, a missing tooth is a cause of shame or embarassment. After all, children’s baby teeth are replaced by their adult teeth. Adult teeth however don’t have replacements on the way. Adult teeth that are lost require a visit to the dentist for a tooth replacement.

There are many ways for an adult to replace a missing tooth. For instance, a front tooth that has been dislodged in a bad accident, such as when playing sports, can be fixed by an artificial tooth, or dental bridge. This type of solution is similar to getting a retainer with only one or two teeth. It can come with a few wire clips that latch to the adjacent teeth.

This is the simplest kind of solution. The problem with this kind of tooth replacement is that it can be difficult to manage as you have to keep removing them when you are about to eat. This can be a big issue if you are concerned about your appearance. Sometimes, clients can also have trouble speaking.

If getting a single tooth denture can be such an inconvenience, then what’s another alternative?

Single Tooth Dental ImplantStalder_implant (2)

Getting a dental implant provides you with a more permanent solution. A dental implant is a sturdy titanium alloy root that is placed in the stead of a natural tooth root for a new crown to be placed on. It is like implanting a completely new healthy tooth root in your mouth. Unlike the traditional single tooth denture, this new tooth doesn’t need to be attached to the adjacent teeth and does not have to be removed every time you eat.

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