Stalder_ImplantMore and more people are starting to recognize the value of having a complete and beautiful set of teeth. Because of this, many are looking for dental treatment plans that can make their incomplete or damaged teeth look brand new again. Getting dental implants can be the perfect procedure for these people.

What are dental implants exactly?

Dental implants, as the name suggests, are miniature posts that serve as replacements to your natural tooth roots. Dental implants, which are normally made of a titanium alloy, are bonded together with the supportive bone tissues of your jaw to form a very sturdy and long-lasting base on which artificial (dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, etc) teeth can be placed.

Mini Implants

Stalder_smileAnother variation of the titanium dental implant is the mini implant. The mini implant is essentially the same thing, except it is smaller in size. They are often used when the natural tooth root being replaced is smaller or the implant needs to be fit in a tighter space. Since they are smaller, the mouth may recover more rapidly after the procedure.

Another amazing thing about the titanium used in dental implants is that it has the greatest strength-to-weight ratio of any known metal on earth. As such, they barely weigh anything yet are incredibly strong. Many people who get the procedure don’t even feel that the dental implants are there.

Choose implant dentistry

If you have any missing or damaged teeth, consider dental implants. Not only do they make your teeth look natural, healthy, and complete again, they also osseointegrate with the jawbone tissues. What this means is that the dental implants quite literally “become one” with the jawbone tissues to make your teeth even as durable and strong as your natural teeth.

So if you’re truly interested in making your teeth feel like brand new again, call Dr. Stalder and Dr. Phan to find out more about titanium and mini implants!