Sleep Dentistry Patients In Moore OK Can Relax During TreatmentSedation dentistry has become a game-changer in successfully quelling dental fears, and our sedation dentists in Oklahoma City are exceptional! More and more people are using sedation dentistry (sometimes called sleep dentistry) when they undergo any dental procedure, may it be simple or more complex. So what is sedation dentistry? To state it simply, sedation dentistry is administering varying levels and types of sedative to a patient to make dental visits comfortable and even enjoyable.

It’s important to note at this point that although sedation is sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, this can be misleading because the patient is not actually asleep during the procedure. The patient maintains a level of consciousness throughout the procedure so that he can respond and interact with our sedation dentists at our office near Moore OK when needed.

Our Sedation Dentistry Options

Our sedation dentists at our office serving the Norman OK and surrounding areas, primarily use three popular sedation, or sleep dentistry methods. Please know that our sedation dentists in Oklahoma City are well trained and well practiced and nothing “risky” goes on. Our Sedation Dentists Puts All Patients In Oklahoma City At EaseThese are proven sleep dentistry techniques that top-quality dentists have utilized thousands and thousands of times with great results.

  1. First is intravenous (IV) sedation, which is a common and very effective sleep dentistry option. Sedatives are administered through the use of a needle and are usually placed in the hand or arm.
  2. A second sleep dentistry option is non-invasive inhalation, wherein patients breathe in nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which will make them feel comfortable and calm.
  3. The third technique our sedation dentists employ is another no-needle approach called oral sedation, where patients from the Moore OK and Norman OK area communities are given a pill which enables the patient to feel tranquil and calm.

Tailored Sleep Dentistry Approach

Though our sedation dentists offer these fantastic sleep dentistry options to the Oklahoma City, Moore OK, Norman OK and surrounding communities, a patient may still need local anesthetic depending on the patient’s individual needs. In other words, we do whatever is needed to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Sleep dentistry may be the perfect solution to enable you or your loved ones to receive the dental care you need. Call and schedule a visit today or feel free to drop in to our Oklahoma City dental office and meet our sedation dentists personally. We look forward to meeting you!